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The Red Geranium

Custom Outdoor Planters and Gardening Services 

We still have a few openings for Spring 2024 installations! 









Countdown to Spring
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Gorgeous outdoor spaces are just three steps away!


Think It!

If you are looking to beautify your outdoor space, but don't know where to start, we can assist you! At TRG, we will meet with you to understand your personal preferences, favorite flowers, and unique style to create a customized plan for your home, pool area, or garden.


Plan It!

TRG will design your planters, window boxes, and gardens with your unique preferences in mind. We pay special attention to color, shape, texture, year-round, and seasonal sustainability, ensuring each installation is as unique as you are.


Do It!

 Once your plan is finalized, we will take care of everything including shopping, organizing, and installing your unique designs. We will remove the previous season's plants, replace them with fresh soil, and add beautiful flowers to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Seasonal Maintenance

We offer year-round maintenance on your planters and flower beds. We can perform this on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. Let us help you protect your investment. Our services include deadheading, pruning, fertilizing, and watering. We can also simply water for you on a daily or weekly basis -- additional charges apply. 

Do - It - Yourself (kind of)

Always wanted to be more engaged in the garden but did not know where to start? We can arrange to take you on a field trip to local plant stores and provide personal coaching at your home, working with your planters and gardens. Field trips and coaching are subject to availability. 

We Pay it Forward

We love it when you tell your friends about us! As with all businesses, referrals are so important. For every booked and paid referral, you will receive a 10% discount on your next installation with us. 



Gift a planter or an install for a new home or business owner. Our designs make great birthday and anniversary gifts. We also create customized terrariums and wreaths. Let us help you shine with a unique, personal, and thoughtful gift. 

Spring Wreath

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